About Me

Welcome to my world,

 In high school I had friends that brought out the best in me. One thing I can say is I was always searching for ways to be creative. I took Wood Shop which I liked a lot, Architectural Drafting, Commercial Art at Tech School, and some Photography Darkroom classes. All of these contributed to the creative process that brought me here today. Throughout the years in my young adult life I was always interested in Photography and the thought of getting the perfect shot, which is in the minds of most photographers or enthusiasts. I was actually more interested in nature and  the thought of getting that shot that no one else got by going out and being there, because if you don't play you can't win!! 

In the years ahead I would grow and was involved in the same business my Father was which was high end residential construction. Still intrigued by the camera I continued to take pictures and eventually do a couple of weddings for family and friends. I was always worried I wouldn't get that shot for the couple but every time, they loved them and sang my praises. I guess I am my worst critic but thats ok cause it keeps me on my toes.

In 2006 I received the gift of life via a Kidney Transplant due to a Hereditary Disease known as Polycystic Kidney Disease .This as mentioned is a genetic disorder which was first diagnosed in our family via my Mother.

She received her gift in 1996  and is my inspiration. Her strength throughout the years has inspired me to keep fighting for our cause and we both are involved with an organization which we both helped to form to help other patients get through the issues involved with kidney disease. (Kidney Association of South Florida) www.kasf.info



In 2008 I was diagnosed with throat cancer and that slowed me down.......just for a little while!

I went through the Chemo and Radiation all the while thinking of new ways to better my craft as I was home and reading during all the healing. My employer was phenomenal as I went through all this and soon I was back to work in Palm Beach doing what I loved. On my own time I was enjoying  nearby parks and beaches and discovering new ways to look at nature because there are many people doing the same, but I always said......just like sunrises and sunsets there are no two alike as is the eye of the artist.  

In 2010 I finally got some recognition for my craft I so enjoy. The photo above ("Palm Drops") was chosen 1st place in the "Focus on Nature Contest " for the plant category in the Palm Beach Post  along with this other photo  for judges recognition shown below.

This photo above (Together) was chosen first place in the Wildlife category for a local Nature Preserve (Grassy Waters) in 2010 also. The photo below  (Grassy Vista) was chosen 2nd place in the Water category in the same contest.

I am now ready to venture out and go pro with Wedding and nature photography and will be upgrading this site regularly with new images to show my progress. Please consider me in your future plans for either weddings, group shots or office / home art. 

                                                           Thanks, Ron Swords